YellowTools Independence Instruments

Posted: November 27, 2009 in Audio
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YellowTools provides separate parts from its samples libraries at download (22 available for now), whose sizes range from 200 Mb to 1,7Gb, and prices from 19 to 39$ (except the Symphonic Orchestra part – 4,13 Gb -, that is priced 99$).
We can listen audio demos in the original libraries sections. Moreover, Independence Pro, priced 399 euros (70 Gb of samples), is probably more interesting for the whole, as it contains drums, percussion, acoustic and electric guitars, acoustic and electric basses, pianos, organs, pop brasses, saxophones, synthesizers, an entire symphonic orchestra, the FULL sound libraries of Candy, Culture and Majestic, and many, many more instruments. We can also find Independence Basic, that includes less samples (12 Gb), and is priced 199 euros.

Activating of Independence Download Instruments is made through software (contrary to Independence Pro, that requires the Yellow tools USB Authorization Key). For all orders of the Download Instruments with a total amount of more than 100 euros we get for free (this special offer ends on December, 31, 2009) Independence Pro 2.5 Software Suite, that contains the player, the live version, and effects plugins (initially priced 149 euros). This suite is included with Independence Pro and Independence Basic.

We can also download for free Independence Free 2.5, that contains the player (full version, and no time limit) and 2,5Gb of samples from Independance Pro library. The player (universal binay) can even import third party VST plugins, and then be used as a host for TC Electronic M30 Reverb plugin (as only its VST version works on PPC macs) !

  1. The quality of provided samples in the free version (basses, acoustic and electric guitars – with effects -, church organs, drums, ethnic percussions, arpeggiated synths) is great (better than in most famous samples libraries), as the included effects (convolution-based reverbs, amp sims, etc.). Moreover performances are really good on a G4 (full church organs with Origami convolution reverb, powerchord electric guitars with amp sim). The interface is very smooth (and presets load in a few seconds) and interesting/original (refreshing).

    Use of external VST Instruments isn’t supported in the demo (only VST effects plugins), so the full version is required to apply Indendence’s great effects to Kontakt or Play based libraries (the demo can still load 25 audio files, so we could apply effects to a pre-rendered mix). The TC Electronic M30 Reverb VST plugins loads, however its editing dialog remains blank (and setted to some of a default preset, whose mix setting does not sound good, and that is finally less impressive than Independence’s own reverbs).

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