CP2JavaWS 0.92 available : Jake/spriting

Posted: November 15, 2009 in IT/Dev
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A new version (0.92) of CP2JavaWS is available. It puts the project in synch. with most recent branchs (tested with latest jake branch) :

– CP2JavaWSURLConnection updated from CPURLConnection changes due to new URL class
– CP2JavaWSURLConnectionAuthDelegate updated due to new URL class (now uses its facilities methods)

The demo on AppEngine has also been updated (uses the jake branch, and so the spriting feature that allows a faster download).

Note : there is still a bug in core CPTableView : a wrong transient value is displayed shortly in first visible row’s first column, after calling reloadData and before the datasource’s methods get called (it then happens after sortDescriptors:didChange ends).
It happens both in Firefox and Safari (but for the later it doesn’t show as it draws the cells values much more faster – can however be tracked when adding a breakpoint).

The documentation pages for the project at sourceforge are being migrated to the new MediaWiki app (DocMan has been deprecated recently by Sourceforge).


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