Kurzweil PC3LE6 : answer to M50

Posted: November 9, 2009 in Audio
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Kurzweil announced the PC3LE6 (due this December), the expected answer to Korg M50. Then the PC3LE6 (whose originally planned name was PC361 LE) onboards the same audio engine (from the PC3) than the PC361 (including VA oscillators), the same number of presets (about 800, including String Section, KB3), effects (10 inserts against 16 on the le PC361, and no mastering effects), the sequencer, the arpeggiator. Only polyphony is reduced (64 voices – 128 on the PC361), and the PC3LE6 doesn’t provide expansion slots (2 on the PC361). However it features 8 pads (for drums) and semi-weighted keyboard (piano keys – synth keys on the PC361).
Finally it is priced 1495$ (2395$ for the PC361). Audio demos are available.


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