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Eastwest added details about Hollywood Strings library, that will be available January, 2010, 12. The Diamond version will be priced 1695$ on hard drive (16 and 24 bits samples, 5 mic positions), and Gold verison 1195$ (on DVD, 16 bits, one mic position). Audio demos will be provided before December, 12.

The Vienna Ensemble PRO player is now provided with the Epic Orchestra pack (3,4 Gb – 6,2 Gb once installed), that includes some instruments from various famous VSL libraries : Appassionata Strings Ensemble, Woodwinds Ensemble, Oboe d’amore, Cornet, Epic Horns (8 horns ensemble), Fanfare Trumpets (6 trumpets ensemble), and Drums & Percussion. The pack is also available (priced 65 euros) for registered Vienna Ensemble 3 users (that can upgrade to Vienna Ensemble PRO for free). Audio demos are available.

Lexicon PCM92

Posted: October 14, 2009 in Audio
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About one year after the PCM96, Lexicon announced the PCM92, that brings 28 new and legendary Lexicon reverbs, delays and modulation effects. Lexicon’s new Room algorithm provides a more flexible alternative to convolution type reverbs. In fact convolution-based reverbs are said to alter too much equalizing. It is priced 2699$ (the PCM96 was priced 3499$ initially, and is now provided at a 2999$ special price).

Lexicon presented PCM Native Reverb Plug-in Bundle, a plugin (AU, RTAS, VST) that features 7 reverb algorithms : vintage plate, plate, hall, room, random hall, concert hall, chamber. A 1,8 Ghz G5 or Intel mac is required. The software is priced 1899$ !

Logic Express 9 on G4

Posted: October 11, 2009 in Audio, Troubleshooting
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Installing Logic Express 9 on a G4 (MDD 1,25 Ghz) finally didn’t require any change to the installer. Moreover performance seems good, as it could run the demo song (by disabling some tracks). It uses 9,7 Gb space (4,7 Gb of EXS samples, 900 Mb for Ultrabeat loops, 3,5 Gb of GarageBand instruments, 500 Mb of AppleLoops, and 720 Mb for the application – after the 9.0.1 update).

The video of the full Atlas presentation at London FOWA 2009 is now available at carsonified (30′ length). It demoes the fully fonctionnal screens compositing (nested views), the RSS controller (that had also been seen during the first Atlas presentation in March) – we can also see Array Controller, FaceBook and Twitter controllers -, various project templates (among these a new document-based one), a Bespin text editor component, and a new “native” target mode (that is said to use an own solution instead of Titanium Appcelerator, for some explained reasons).

Finally I would like to thank Francisco for his kind words about Java server-side support for Cappuccino – that is CP2JavaWS –  (26′) :

About backend support, there are Lift, Scala, Rails, and Java as well [was the first, January, 5].  The Java support is pretty amazing, as it takes Java Objects [full objects graphs, through JSON] and serializes these into Objective-J objects.

The Direct2CP mode of CP2JavaWS, and its digest authentication management and automatic session tracking per endpoint, are also complementary to Atlas (that focuses mainly on UI components, but not to their behaviour on the server side – except the RSS feader component).

An extension mechanism to Atlas (through plugins) was suggested initially (in March’s first announcement), and I then explained it was a great idea, that could use Osgi bundles concepts, and would open the way for business (alla Eclipse plugins). I proposed to write a plugin for remote services calls (through CP2JavaWS), such a controller that could be added to existing RSS, FaceBook and Twitter ones. I hope such architecture will be provided by Atlas beta’s mid-November release.

Sofa company, presented a Cappuccino version of its EnStore admin application, that allows to customize and deploy web stores. They provide their experience with the Cappuccino development process and nib2cib, and explain why they found this solution the most suited and productive (easy to add drag&drop feature thanks to advanced AppKit, easier controls customizing, browser independant). All this without even considering the upcoming Atlas ! A stunning video is available.