Pianoteq PRO and standard 3.5

Posted: October 28, 2009 in Audio
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ModArtt released Pianoteq PRO, that allows per note settings (22 parameters), and a rendering up to 192 Khz (48 Khz in the standard version). We can watch a video here. It is priced 399 euros (249 euros for the standard version).
Pianoteq Pro also includes the enhancements brought by Pianoteq 3.5 (see here and there). A demo version of Pianoteq standard 3.5 is available.

  1. Don Smith says:

    Physical modelling has got to be the future of piano software. In this version of Pianoteq, everything has been upgraded from the sound to the ability to tweak and adjust all parts of the piano. There is a steep learning curve, if you wish to learn it; you’re only limitation seems to be your own imagination. The programme is easy to upgrade and more pianos are easily added. It would be interesting to see if other piano(music)software producers will be converted to using physical modelling technology in their future projects.

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