Sierra games on the web !

Posted: October 22, 2009 in Games
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The site provides web versions of famous Sierra games (from 1985 to 1987) : the first 3 KingQuest, the first 2 SpaceQuest, etc. The game engine from Sierra, AGI (Adventure Game Interpreter), has been rewritten in javascript, and image files (original ones ?) make the scenes (as it was the case initially). Moreover the developers added a multiplayer feature : then we can see other players (as clones or artefacts) appearing/disappearing, as if we were playing WOW.

Controls use the keyboard or mouse (with a feature to move quickly the character to a location, by double-clicking on the destination – can lead to some bug, like still swimming character because we left water without going to the expected out path).
The lower textfield is for chat, while available actions are selected through a menu (right click). Through the menu’s more item we can access to an options submenu : disable multiplayer, and even direct access to all of the game’s locations (select location) !

  1. Lolo says:

    Hey Jege,
    Just read this piece of news on the site:
    (…) several bugs have been fixed. One bug in particular was the “swim bug” of King’s Quest II.

  2. Lolo says:

    It’s AWESOME, most of Sierra’s other adventures are available too, including Gold Rush, the Black Cauldron, and Leisure Suit Larry !! What’s more, you can actually SAVE games by bookmarking the page using Ctrl+5 !!
    One very important game feature that was left off though is SOUND, which is very unfortunate as the sound effects were often funny, not to mention the entertaining quality of most game tunes… I miss that, esp. for the King Quest & Leisure Suit Larry series…

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