Flash Apps on iPhone using a compiler

Posted: October 6, 2009 in IT/Dev
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While Adobe knows that a Flash plugin for iPhone won’t likely happen (besides strategic reasons around RDA, this is the result of long non optimized Flash for OSX), they are trying to circumvent this restriction, by providing a compiler (based on LLVM) that will produce ARM assembly code from ActionScript programs. It will be included in Flash CS5 (a beta is expected by the end of the year), and will work on both mac and Windows.
The limiting factor will be the lack of debugger, but it should be ok for simple applications, as development and debugging could be made on a desktop computer (by simulating the iPhone drawing area and limited processor power). The compiler would then be used only at integration test steps, and for final deployment. However, for more advanced (demanding) applications or games, such solution will end being very difficult and tedious, as optimizing near the limits won’t be possible.
Finally it will paves the way for paid Flash applications on iPhone (there have still been some iPhone games derived from free Flash games).


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