MJ Style available at iTunes Music Stores

Posted: September 30, 2009 in Music / Movies
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MJ Style is now available at most iTunes Music Stores (appeared 12 hours ago in countries located in ahead timezones, and should since be displayed at European and American stores).

I discovered that when searching for Cjed using the upper-right search field, the displayed page lists songs in the wrong order. The reason seems that is lists all songs from all albums for the artist, and so the numbers don’t correspond to tracks numbers (and have then more to do with the order of songs’s database records). By clicking on the artist’s name/link on the left side (Artists area), the album’s songs list is ordered fine again (the same when clicking on the album’s name).

This is here for access to the Zimbalam player (that also provides a direct link to the iTunes Music Store). On mac, the Flash version used by the plugin seems to produce some artifacts at some samples start (ok on PC), however they play fine at iTunes Music Store.


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