Dion & Ben from Ajaxian going to Palm

Posted: September 28, 2009 in IT/Dev
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The two founders of Ajaxian, Ben Galbraith and Dion Almaer (used to work at Mozilla Labs) finally were hired by Palm. At Dion’s blog we learn that with their new role as Director’s of the Palm Developer Relations team they will have the responsibility of the developer experience with Palm, and will be trying to create a rich connective tissue between the company and the Web developer community…
Dion just linked a previous article about his feel on Apple’s AppStore validation policy. However Ben was very harsh on his blog statements, (subtely ?) targeted towards Apple :

my enthusiasm for this amazing new world is tempered by some unfortunate decisions made by some of the players in this space. It seems that some view this revolution as a chance to seize power in downright Orwellian ways by constraining what we as developers can say, dictating what kinds of apps we can create, controlling how we distribute our apps, and placing all kinds of limits on what can do to our computing devices.

We all know that Palm Pre’s director, John Rubinstein, worked as Hardware Director at Apple before he left when the transition to Intel was announced (on a technical view – that is non commercial – I agree that the G5 from 2003 is still superior to latest Intel chips architecure wise – in these 6 years only manufacturing process did improved – soon 20nm), however all this doesn’t look completely FairPlay 🙂 Moreover this is bad, as the iPhone still uses non Intel processors (Samsung ARMs), and Apple buyed later PA Semi’s PPC derived processors company, that is likely to see the light in an upcoming Apple’s tablet mac.

We could find some interesting reactions to Ben’s post (I agree that Palm will have to change its mind when it will have to manage validating of thousands of applications – it is easier for them for now) :

What a bunch of bs. Will palm have no approval process for it’s apps? And where were you when iPhone had no SDK? Why didn’t you develop for iPhone safari then.
You are perfect socialistic idelogues. Apple innovates and you don’t like it. You would be more happier if moto razr were the market leader.

Sanctimony anyone?
I should point out that Apple allows anyone to create powerful web apps with guaranteed distribution. And with HTML 5 and offline storage you can pretty much do anything.
Talk to me when you guys have a real SDK.

I also agree with this other comment :

This technology advancement empowers people, which is great but it also gives more opportunity for a company/s to control what data, what applications etc. the user can access – this is simply wrong and something as advocates of an open web, we should also be against in platforms.

However I’m far more worried for now by Google’s power (see articles about Google automatically  scanning all books without having requested the authors/editors agreement, and trying later to provide money in order to not being pursued). And if you don’t agree, nobody will ever have a chance to read you, as your article could likely be  unreferenced in their search engine. Hopefully Microsoft is coming back, better ? 🙂

Congrats to both finally, and we can hope that their new job will help also for other communities. Moreover, as Palm is also using WebKit, all that is good.

  1. In Dion’s article’s comments we can find a link to a bad experience with Palm’s submission process (as usual we can’t verify what is true, however overall we wonder how anyone could do better than Apple, whose platform has been here for years) : http://jwz.livejournal.com/1096401.html

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