MJ Style : J-10 and iTunes exclusive

Posted: September 21, 2009 in Music / Movies
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There is now only 10 days left before release of MJ Style at the iTunes Music Store. The decision of being iTunes exclusive was made in order to provide the best audio quality (AAC 256 kbits – MP3 on other stores), the easiest user experience, the safest investment (ITMS has been here since first days) and security for customers, and to avoid sales split over many marketplaces. Moreover I didn’t want to promote subscription-based platforms, that aren’t an artistic way of buying music, nor recent marketplaces that got exclusive agreements from majors (not available to Apple, that was forced to keep DRMs for a long time, and more recently to increase the price of new single releases).

From a full album (9,99$ or euros) I will get 5,40 euros net income : then there will have to be at least 11 full albums sales for me to become profitable (30 euros are required to put a release online, and the same amount for removing it if needed).


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