Apple eWorld : social online services back in 1995

Posted: August 12, 2009 in Apple, IT/Dev
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While iTunes 9 is rumored to include social services, we can look back at eWorld, a social online services solution released by Apple in 1995 (I remember having it available with all system and magazines CDs, but wasn’t interested at that time as I didn’t have internet connection on the Mac LC475 – was better as a Midi sequencer and for playing Dark Forces) ! The eWorld application presented each service as a building, and was more a community city. It also included a dedicated browser (that was before the Opendoc enabled Cyberdog browser). In fact all started in 1985, with AppleLink, the first online service using a GUI !

We can even get a look at eWorld through this recreation (fake, uses DOM) of System 7 desktop and eWorld applications : just click on the eWorld application icon, and when the dialog displays click on the connect button (not a real one, just a DOM element – all other controls do not work). It shows launch images (fake connection) and then opens the eWorld village window. Really cool !


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