Blog record : more than 5000 visits / Adsense

Posted: August 10, 2009 in Troubleshooting
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The blog just exceeded 5000 visits in July (that is exactly 5240). During its first month launch last September it still accounted for 1700 visits, and grew very fast (4400 visits in December, and in 4000-4800 range since). It also gained pagerank 3 very fast. The main Cjed Home site (that opened early 2005) also gets 5000 visits/month (with a max at 8000 visits) and a pagerank 3 level (reached a pagerank 4 peak two years ago).

However since March 2006 the whole gains from Google Adsense are only 50$ (that is for 3 years and a half of targeted ads, and close to 3000 news. Hopefully the purpose was to review Google’s technologies). Google bots are also late to index (despite use of urlrewriting and news titles injection in the html page title) : it sometimes can take up to a week to index new articles, while this WordPress blog gets its new content indexed in less than 3 hours !

  1. ekosulistio says:

    nice info… thanks for sharing….

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