CP2JavaWS 0.85 : master/detail view completed

Posted: August 2, 2009 in IT/Dev
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CP2JavaWS_direct2CPA new version of CP2JavaWS is available. It completes the master/detail view(Direct2CP) :

– added automatic support for creation/insert (add button) and delete in generic detail view, with full state management.

– added management for business key(s) in master and detail views, besides technical one. Moreover the business key can be multiple (composite). The detail view allows to set these key elements at creation time (once). If using a technical key, it is set by the database (sequence, identity, etc.) and retrieved/displayed back in the detail view after creation.

– added support for combo lists and radio buttons : through codes/labels descriptors we can associate codes/labels pairs with an attribute (its detail view field). That collection can be setted in the client side or retrieved using a specified remote service (useful for long lists read from a database, and for localization).

– added the innovative DatePicker component from Randall Luecke (RCL concepts) as date field editing (requires some provided images resources).

– master and detail views can use the generic DAO service (typically for services backed by a relational database) or custom ones (read elements, read one element, update, insert, delete) if using a specific datastore or connector.
The master/detail view provides then 4 modes : generic detail view with generic DAO service or custom service, or custom detail view with generic DAO service or custom service.

– the HTTP requests sender now behaves as expected when using synchronous requests : the result is returned (does not use anymore a delegate and handlers).

  1. Many Thanks to Dion Almaer from Ajaxian.com for having posted a message at his Twitter about the new version and demo of CP2JavaWS !

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