Navigon MobileNavigator France only

Posted: June 27, 2009 in Apple
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A France only version of Navigon MobileNavigator is now available at the AppStore. The install size is reduced to 340 Mb (from 1,65 Gb for the Europe version) and it is priced 49,99 euros until June, 30 (69,99 euros after). The Europe version (includes Great Britain and Irlande) is provided at 74,99 euros until June, 30. It is useful for countries like Greece that use another alphabet, and is cheaper for frequent travellers (as it avoids buying a lot more maps).
We don’t know yet if an upgrade from France to Europe version will be provided. The level of details for other european countries than France isn’t precised (we reach the 1,65 Gb for only 5 countries of about France size, and the Europe version includes more than 30 countries).

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