CP2JavaWS 0.72 : fixes / AppEngine support – online demo

Posted: June 13, 2009 in IT/Dev
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A new version of CP2JavaWS is available at sourceforge :

Note : now uses json2lib stringify and parse methods from latest Cappuccino main branch (and future 0.71 version). Then it does not work for version 0.7 (or you should replace these methods manually by these from CPValue). These two new methods should lead to general better performance.

– Modified server-side demo HabilitationServiceImpl to return true for the 
genericDAOService methods.

– CP2JavaWSEndpoint init had a bug with testing presence of sameDomain 
argument : replaced if(aSameDomain) with if (aSameDomain!=nil).

– CP2JavaWSTableViewDelegate : in sendSynchRequest, added the test for 
sameDomain (was ok for sendAsynchRequest) to use JSONP mode if not same 

– Modified hibernate config .hbm file to use assigned generator for the id, as AppEngine does not provides the InetAddress class.
However Hibernate’s SessionFactoryImpl still owns a static field of type UUIDHexGenerator that is always initialized, and that extends AbstractUUIDGenerator, whose uses InetAddress in its static init part.
Then had to redefine AbstractUUIDGenerator (included in same original package name in the demo project’s src folder) : when deploying to AppEngine we have to comment the line that uses InetAddress and uncomment the line that uses a random generated address (based on JUG project, also licenced under LGPL).

A working demo is now available on AppEngine (same code as the included webapp example except the endpoint’s url and use of the random generated address in the redefined AbstractUUIDGenerator class) :


(tested on Safari 4 and Firefox 3.0.x. Is ways faster on Safari, however performance should be improved with upcoming Firefox 3.5 release).


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