Google Wave / OpenDoc / Cappuccino & CP2JavaWS

Posted: June 5, 2009 in IT/Dev
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Recently Google announced Google Wave, a social cooperative way to exchange data and mix them in a rich desktop container application, whatever their location (same domain or not) and then protocol. Two days ago we discovered application made with Cappuccino (there was even an article about it at Recently I pointed an (old) article from Greg Maletic about Apple’s Opendoc (that was cancelled 10 years ago).

This week people compare Google Wave with OpenDoc :
Exploring Google Wave as a Social-Enabled OpenDoca modern re-imagination of Apple’s abandoned OpenDoc component software technology that has been social-enabled and lives in “the cloud… Waves, the software components that allow a Wave document to contain supplemental datatypes, are called gadgets, rather than parts. Examples of gadgets can include a YouTube player, a chess or sudoku game, a photo album fed by mRSS, and even a Google Maps object.

Google Wave: OpenDoc ReduxThe overall concept often seems very similar to that of OpenDoc, back from 1992, and in the days when Microsoft was happy to work with Apple. No Gears, but impressive HTML 5…

What Intrigues Me About Google WaveMy initial thought was was, “Hey, somebody finally got Apple’s OpenDoc to work.”

Twitter – Tweetiegoogle wave is really just IM + opendoc. anybody else remember opendoc? i think i’m the only one.

Personnaly I designed CP2JavaWS enpoints to hold their own authenticate delegate (then changes I made to CPURLConnection), in order to be able to assemble application services in a composite desktop (container) – that can reminds Java Portlets – whatever domain they come from (transparent switch to JSONP mode if the requested service’s webapp is on another domain than the client CP application’s index.html). It has then also OpenDoc in mind.


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