: news readers using Cappuccino

Posted: June 3, 2009 in IT/Dev
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A year following 280Slides surprise, we can discover a new stunning application developed in Cappuccino : It is a news channels (Twitter, links to related youtube videos) reader, that features an iTunes like interface (equalizer type graphic to choose events date, pause/play button to hold news retrieving – use JSONP asynchronous requests). Moreover the application uses a custom sheets implementation (simple CP windows whose frame is animated using CPPropertyAnimation).

Again, what is important here is how the application was made : advanced objects concepts (dynamic bindings through IB and soon Atlas, delegation chain – that is a true messaging system -, programming using mostly delegates instead inheritance), high level features provided by Cappuccino’s implementation of Cocoa frameworks (drag&drop, undo/redo, quartz engine that includes compositing and core animation – it notably brings automatic management of transparency and shadows for widgets -, etc.), really few code to write (and clean and reusable code). So it couldn’t be compared with Flash applications, even the stunning, very powerful and practicable Pixlr.


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