CP2JavaWS 0.6 : custom digest authentication

Posted: May 2, 2009 in IT/Dev
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A new 0.6 version of CP2JavaWS bridge is available at Sourceforge. It includes the following new features :

– added a mode for custom (Cappuccino based) digest authentication dialog (previous version client-side digest authentication and dialog were managed by the browser only). The mode is setted on the server-side authentication filter configuration (browserMode parameter in the web.xml – set it to false for custom dialog).

– a default Cappuccino authentication dialog is provided (CP2JavaWS client code also manages transparently digest authorization request creation, cnonce and nonce counter, and sending of original request when authentication successes). That dialog also shows the endpoint’s url (we could use a composite app that makes calls to various enpoints/different webapps on the same domain – same protocol, host and port -, and then have multiple authentication challenges).

– a custom CPWindowsController can be set when creating a endpoint to use another window. It has to implement the initWithTarget:(id) okAction:(SEL) cancelAction:(SEL) method (see the provided CP2JavaWSLoginWindowController).

– passing sameDomain information isn’t required anymore when creating an endpoint. CP2JavaWS compares the passed endpoint url with the index.html document.location (protocol, host and port) to determine the proper mode. However the sameDomain parameter can still be passed if needed (required if the index.html is local – for dev configuration).


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