CP2JavaWS 0.4 released

Posted: April 16, 2009 in IT/Dev
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A new version of CP2JavaWS, 0.4, is available at Sourceforge. It includes the following new features :

– Decoding and encoding now support cycles/references. Existing objects’s references are replaced with a path ($ref:<pathFromRootObject>) when encoding to JSON. The path follows EL/BeanUtils rules : someKey.anotherKey, someKey[0](key).anotherKey, [index], (key), someKey(key)[1](key2).anotherKey, etc.
When decoding, references/paths are replaced with the previously decoded objects.
A new CPPropertyUtils class allows to get/set these nestedProperties on the cllient side, in the same way as Java’s commons BeanUtils (the two frameworks manage nested dictionaries and arrays, and multiple dimensions arrays). You have to use at least commons beanutils 1.8.

– CPJSONAware categories aren’t required anymore. Automatic decoding/encoding of ivars (used when custom objects do not implement CPCoding) has been merged in to CP2JSCoder and CP2JSDecoder. Implementing CPCoding allows to set different JSON keys than ivars name (can then match Java’s objects attributes names if they differ from CP objects’s ones).

– fixed a problem with dates DST.


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