Myst for iPhone available soon

Posted: April 10, 2009 in Games
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While a video of the iPhone’s Myst version is appearing at Youtube (is removed shortly thereafter) we learn that this version is reaching completion and will be available soon at the AppStore. Images are said to have been rendered again in 32 bits (original ones used dithering, the optimized palette contained only a hundred of indexed colors), an automatic-zoom would be included, and interaction with elements uses touch control (for example activation of switchs in the main island), as well as switch of view. Finally the download size is said to be huge due to the high number of media files (weigthed about 500 Mb in the original game – not 32 bits but images resolution was still higher than iPhone screen’s one). The price isn’t known yet.

  1. Maridrw says:

    I have seen the video, it’s very colorful and also a lot of new features.

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