CP2JavaWS 0.32 : CPCoding support

Posted: April 6, 2009 in IT/Dev
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A new 0.32 version of CP2JavaWS is available at Sourceforge :

Encoding and decoding of client objects now also supports CPCoding, through new CP2JSEncoder/CP2JSDecoder.
These coder provide transparent backward compatibility with previous versions of CP2JavaWS that were based on the CPJSONAware protocol :

– if no CPCoding implementation is found on custom objects, it uses instead the old toJSObject/objectWithJSObject methods from CPJSONAware categories.

– Furthermore it does the switch at each node level ! That is for custom objects we can etiher implement CPCoding protocol’s methods (if the serialization requires particular work, for example to exclude some attributes or choose arbitrary JSON keys – different from ivar names), or benefit from the automatic encoding of objects provided by the CPJSONAware categories (then custom objects have to import CPObject_CPJSONAware.j, and JSON keys will match exactly ivar names).


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