Cappuccino/serialization : CPKeyedArchiver/JSON/plist

Posted: March 19, 2009 in IT/Dev
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The site provides tutorials on Cappuccino, and notably a new one about serialization solutions for client/server communications : CPKeyedArchiver/CPKeyedUnarchiver (extends CPCoder and requires to implement the CPCoding protocol in custom classes), JSON and CPPropertyListSerialization (plist format, that is also available on OSX/Objective-C FoundationKit, in XML and now also in binary for better space management). The format produced by CPKeyedArchiver doesn’t have an equivalent in Objective-C (it is a proprietary one, called plist280), and classic/basic property list (plist) don’t allow to manage custom objects (moreover Cappuccino’s CPPropertyListSerialization doesn’t manage yet arrays nor Date type).

Then for now communication with an Objective-C backend isn’t as easy as it could be. For a J2EE server side the JSON format is preferable (no native CPCoding equivalent in Java, nor plist format support). However JSON has to be extended in order for managing custom objects namespace (that is what CP2JavaWS does, it can manage custom objects and nested collections).


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