iPhone OS3.0 : new features and new APIs

Posted: March 18, 2009 in Apple, IT/Dev

Apple presented iPhone OS3.0 (available as a beta alongwith SDK 3.0 – the public release is due this Summer), that brings many more features than expected : clipboard (cut/copy/paste) in all applications (with elaborated ergonomy), virtual keyboard now also available in landscape mode (then better precision), search a la Spotlight between iPhones, P2P between iPhones (through Wifi or Bluetooth) and communication with accessories, audio and video streaming over HTTP (can then now work behind a firewall), MMS support and Voice memos, mutliple images attachement in emails using Cocoa Touch.

Among new APIs in the SDK we note : Push notification (leads to better battery life than with a true background process), APIs to access iTunes music library and proximity sensor, VoIP API, public APIs for Google Maps, CoreLocation now allows turn-by-turn GPS, new framework to provide direct purchase actions from applications (subscriptions, extensions through levels or new content downloads/purchase).

A video of the presentation will be available in the following hours.


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