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Posted: March 2, 2009 in IT/Dev
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An article about Cappucino’s Atlas editor is available at thinkvitamin. It details the features that were demoed in the previous webcast, as well as multiplatform rendering. Comments from people that were present during the FOWA presentation are very positive :
I was in the audience when they demoed Atlas at FOWA in Miami. My jaw hit the floor. The possibilities for rapid prototyping and even end-product development is amazing. I had heard about cappuccino before, but I think Atlas really puts it’s power in the fore front.

I happened to be there when Fransisco demoed Atlas, it was awesome to witness live and when that iPhone preview popped up the crowd went nuts.

I was at the FOWA demo also. This write-up is good but really doesn’t do it justice. You really have to see it.

We can also read interesting informations about 280 North leader founder :
Francisco is the original author of Objective-J. He graduated from USC in 2006 and went to work at Apple, Inc., where he was one of the early members of the team that created MobileSafari and Maps on the iPhone. He is primarily responsible for UI and other client-side code at 280 North.

Finally we can read an article from Ross Boucher (another of the three founders) about accessibility in Cappuccino.


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