Cappuccino Atlas : extension points ? MDA part

Posted: February 27, 2009 in IT/Dev
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As the exact release date of Atlas editor isn’t known yet (we hope a beta version will be available in the meantime) and that it should be provided for free, we wonder wether the source code will be open sourced (using LGPL ?), and wheter some extension mechanism will be provided (as with Eclipse extension points). We could then gain access to UI objects without having to load the produced CIB archive, and create more easily an MDA editor part : definition of business objects, remote services, interactions (binding to source events – that is views actions – through dynamic enhancement, in the runtime, of delegate handlers).
We would then benefit from a full client application graphical editor.

UPDATE : Cappuccino team responded that Atlas will not be open source (at least its code, but we still wait confirmation about it being free or not. A Lite version could be released for free, with a full featured one being charged later). An extension mechanism through plugins has been confirmed, and will be provided for free. Then it paves the way for a wide market, like Eclipse did : open source and/or free plugins, then more evolved versions (commercial). Despite Atlas being actually focused on UI design, an MDA extension (plugin) could fill the other client application areas, and a Bespin like code editor part (also as a plugin) could allow to add/modify code (that is without any files, as classes can be generated and enhanced directly in the runtime).

  1. luxspes says:

    I wonder… is Atlas build with Cappuccino? because if it is, that means that, on the end, it is javascript and html, and those, even if obfuscated, are pretty much “mandatory opensource”, so I really wonder… how are they going to prevent their source from being open?

  2. Hi,
    There was a thread about it. The answer is simply there really couldn’t be an efficient way of preventing reverse-engineering of Atlas (as you discovered), but the fact is that trying to unobfuscate its code will be stated as illegal.

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