Safari 4 : public beta

Posted: February 25, 2009 in IT/Dev
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Apple provides the first public beta of Safari 4, here. It brings a new javascript engine, Nitro, announced as 4.2 times faster than Safari 3 engine (and close to two times faster than the upcoming Firefox 3.1), and also adds support for HTLM 5 (audio and video media tags, database storage), CSS Animation, CSS Effects, CSS Canvas and CSS3 Web Fonts.
A new display mode, Top Sites, shows the most visited sites through an animated channels-like grid, that reminds Core Animation demos. History and bookmarks pages can now be browsed using a Coverflow like mode. These effects require a Quartz Extreme compatible graphic card (Radeon AGP 16 Mb or GeForce 2MX in Leopard). Global zoom is also included (was present in WebKit nightly builds). As with Chrome, tabs can now be displayed on top of the window, to gain space vertically. Finally Safari obtains 100/100 in the new Acid3 test. Full details can be found here.
The last security update must have been installed.


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