Cappuccino Atlas : on-browser Interface Builder

Posted: February 25, 2009 in IT/Dev
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As I had supposed, 280 North team presented an Interface Builder like editor (named Atlas) that runs directly on the browser (is a Cappuccino application). We can watch a webcast here.

As with IB, Atlas focuses on UI and bindings, and produces a CIB archive.

A dozen of days ago I had a very close idea (complementary in fact), an MDA editor also made as a Cappuccino application running directly on the browser. I thought about that when reading an article about objj_allocateClassPair and other Objective-J runtime APIs. The editor would be able to generate application code from the graphical model (that is code that calls remote services, using CP2JavaWS bridge), by dynamically adding code to the Objective-J runtime (through some test button in the MDA editor). I wrote notes and started to thought about a generic javascript function that wraps the required code for calling a remote service method (that is retreiving a CP2JavaWS service proxy from an endPoint, and then passing the arguments to the proxy). That generic function could then be referenced multiple times as a method_imp of a Method object (added dynamically to the methods_list of the also dynamically added class). It would end with a Method object for each action defined on the model.

Atlas is the tool that was lacking for demos (as IB isn’t available on Windows), and nib2cib tool even added some break to the development cycle. An article is still available at Ajaxian. The tool is expected this Summer (we hope by the end of Spring).

I wonder how/if Google and Adobe will catch up, It will be hard work.

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