Cappuccino announces : thoughts/MDA editor

Posted: February 22, 2009 in IT/Dev
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Cappuccino members stated that they will be showcasing at the FOWA Miami (23-24 February) next week and going to be making a pretty big announcement in the process, so stay tuned ;).
As you’ve probably noticed, development on the main branch has not been that active in the last couple of weeks because we’ve been busy preparing for this thing.

Some important upcoming features have been listed recently for the next version of Cappuccino : revamped text engine (including shadows), display modes, themes. So what bigger other announcement can we expect ? :

– Apple will adopt Cappuccino for its next RDA (MobileMe, etc.) applications ?

– A GWT like generation tool will be unveiled for Cappuccino (however it would conflict with CP2JavaWS dynamic approach) ?

– An Objective-C server will be presented (with session management and database connections pool) ? Cappuccino team was interested by a CPCoding implementation of JSON/Objective-J conversion in CP2JavaWS, in order to allow an Objective-C server implementation.

– a new graphical editor (Interface Builder like) done using Cappuccino, running directly on the browser, that allows to test applications by dynamically generating (adding) classes (business objects, views, etc.) to the Objective-J runtime (using objj_allocateClassPair, etc.) ? It would allow some of on-browser MDA development by graphically defining business objects, services and interactions (that is my second idea following CP2JavaWS, and that MDA editor could generate code that uses that bridge for remote services calls…)
We can also now edit Objective-J code using the recently on-browser Bespin editor (based on Canvas), that could trigger a CPApplication launch by registering the appropriate observer event.

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