CP2JavaWS 0.3a

Posted: January 26, 2009 in Apple, IT/Dev

An alpha version of CP2JavaWS 0.3 is available here. It uses Objective-J categories to encode/decode full objects graphs (any depth, with nested collections – CPArray/List and CPDictionary/Map, and with heterogeneous collection elements) to/from JSON, allowing customization and cleaner code. The server-side manages decoding of the JSON parameters (full object’s graphs support, also including nested collections and heterogeneous collection elements).
Encoding of the return (result) graph isn’t completed however (has to be modified to add the objjClass).
Now the client sends/receives objjClass information in JSON strings, so it is independant from server language, and we can plan other implementations (PHP, etc.) 
The final 0.3 version is due in a few days.


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