Garritan World Instrument collection / AKAI EWI

Posted: January 21, 2009 in Audio

Finally Garritan presented a new library (ethnic), Garritan World Instrument collection, that includes the following instruments families : flutes (native American flutes, bamboo flues, Irish flutes, Chinese and Japanese flutes, Indian flutes, clay flutes, pan flutes, nose flutes), percussions (Taiko drums, Gamelan ensemble, Log drums, tablas, ewe drums, balaphon, Udu drum, talking drum, steel drums, Latin percussion), plucked and bowed strings (including Indian Sitars, Japanese koto and shamisen, African kora, Middle Eastern oud and santoor, and erhu). We also find a didgeridoo, Middle Eastern reed instruments, accordions, Tibetan bowls, harmonium.
The temperament can be adjusted, as well as the playing (dynamics, vibrato, tongue/slur techniques, airflow, auto legato, auto-variability, auto-portamento, trills), and wind instruments can be controlled using a breath controller like the new AKAI EWI USB one. Pricing will also be provided later.


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