Kurzweil PC361 : a challenger to M50 ?

Posted: December 31, 2008 in Audio

As Kurzweil provides audio demos of the PC1SE (1995$, 76 keys version of the PC1X, that features the same sound set – patches taken from K2XX series including all of the extension roms), a 61 keys model of the PC3 (the later includes 76 keys and is priced 2830$, and PC3X – 88 keys – is priced 3630$), the PC361, is expected for the January Winter NAMM09.
We can still read the first user review and see first pictures. It should onboard the same audio engine as the PC3, including its new Strings Section ROM bank that can be heard in the new audio demos. The PC361 price is unknown at this time but it should be kept in the 1500-2000$ range to remain competitive against the Korg M50 (950 euros for the 61 keys models, and as low as 1450 euros for the 88 keys model). However the strings sounds provided by the M50 seem way behind the new ones in the PC3 series (the M50 is better suited for rock and electronic sounds).
There is still to know if the K2661 (61 keys and priced 2995$) will remain listed.


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