Cappuccino : Add Undo/Redo tutorial

Posted: December 5, 2008 in IT/Dev

At the thinkvitamin site we can find a tutorial about adding Undo/Redo to a Cappuccino application. As with Cocoa programming, the UndoManager is aware that a Redo is undoing the undo, so it cleans the actions stacks and doesn’t require to implement the Redo feature. I didn’t find the undo and redo buttons in the example here (nor managed to get Pomme-Z to produce something).

  1. Francisco says:

    The reason you couldn’t see it work is because that is the “unmodified” version. The version with undo and redo working is found here:

  2. Thank you a lot Francisco, I just realized that I missed the links in the latest line of the article : The completed source with all the above additions is available here and you can give it a spin here.

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