Wolfire Overgrowth / 3D modeling tools

Posted: November 30, 2008 in Games

At the Wolfire blog we can read details about landscape texturing and useful tools used for the upcoming Lugaru 2 (renamed Overgrowth) : World Machine 2 (WM2) is used to add erosion details and other small scale features (the program is free for non-commercial use), high resolution terrain texturing uses huge texture size (4096×4096), Autodesk Mudbox is used to directly paint grainy or cracked surfaces (easier and faster than trying to do half in a sculpting app, and half in Photoshop or CrazyBump), and optimizing rendering is achieved by automatically baking all of the sky and sun lighting into a single texture, so the real-time shader can be drastically simplified. Some great rendered pictures are provided.
Moreover a contest is open : the rule is to send a video showcasing Lugaru 1 (the winner will get a copy of Overgrowth). A video of Lugaru 2 Overgrowth is expected soon.

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