The Katie Melua Collection CD/DVD bestof released

Posted: November 8, 2008 in Music / Movies
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While Katie Melua is starting a new concerts tour, a CD/DVD best of has been available since October, 27, The Katie Melua Collection. The CD includes 14 previously released songs, plus 3 new songs : Toy Collection (written by Katie Melua for the film Fainheart  at Myspace), Somewhere In The Same Hotel  (ballade, written by Katie Melua and his previous producer Mike) and Two Bare Feet  (also from Katie Melua and her old manager). The DVD features videos from her The Arena Tour 2008, recorded in Rotterdam, and some behind the scenes ones.

On her official site, Katie Melua explains why after the first 3 albums she had to work with new people (composers, etc.) to make something new and refreshing, for her next album, and how it is difficult. In fact the latest (third) album was globally deceiving, and the best of featuring 3 news songs (which the old producer finally worked on) is a common way to make fans wait for the next complete album.
We can listen to some samples at Myspace and see some photos of the Paris Zénith concert (October, 20, 2008).


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