HTC G1 Android : very deceiving

Posted: September 24, 2008 in IT/Dev

Critizisms arise from everywhere about the new Android mobile prototype from HTC, the G1 : uninspired design, navigation interface that reminds the Nintendo DS one or Windows 3.1, horrible user interface that lacks consistency (widgets shapes and colors, fonts, etc.), lack of attention to details, no video player (only a Youtube application), no storage space for music (only available through SD card), no multitouch management (only single touch), mini-USB format for the headphones output ! Navigating in web pages (zooming, scrolling) is a pain compared with using an iPhone, due to the lack of multitouch support on the G1… so there is still the keyboard… very unuseful and unusable (the right part of the phone makes typing very difficult), and it doubles the thickness of the device (yet not that thin).

Finally it appears more like a Google services promoting platform than a really usefull micro computer for users.

Gizmodo : Android and T-Mobile G1’s Five Most Obnoxious Flaws

Following the Chrome (beta) release, Google fails again delivering (presenting) an elegant creation.


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