MacAlly mCase-2P case for iPhone 3G review

Posted: September 23, 2008 in Apple, Troubleshooting

We could find this weekend (in an mac office instead of the Apple Expo) the MacAlly mCase-2P for iPhone 3G at a special price (19,90 euros). It is finally bundled with a thin protection film, that is surrounded by two supporting plastic parts that have to be removed for application : remove the part stated before application, align the inner thin film side with the upper border of the iPhone glass, then apply it with pressing with the iPhone cleaning (on the side titled after application) from top to down, in order to avoid remaining air bubbles. There are however some remaining bubbles in above the upper mic, and around the Home button. A new try can be made by removing the thin film in these corners but it isn’t perfect.

The inner case in synthetic leather is hard in fact, far more than expected. The two parts are stuck together with visible glue, so it isn’t smooth and could lead to think it can damage the iPhone borders. The lower parts aren’t stuck, in order to insert the iPhone, but we have to put it hard the first times (ok later), what isn’t very confident. Moreover the iPhone has to be turned off because it triggers the controls (volume, etc.). Hopefully the hard inner case doesn’t seem to damage the iPhone (contrary to the the Griffin Elan Form as reported here, there, on that forum and at the US Apple Store).

The opening for headphones isn’t that wide, so the AKG 240 plug cannot be inserted fully (ok with the Apple bundled headphones and most of non pro ones). Furthermore the opening for Home button is a bit too small, as the case covers some of its lower part. However the iPhone feels great in hand with that case. Finally the screen bright doesn’t seem to suffer from the invisible shield, and it is easily cleaned.


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