iPhone X-Plane 9 review

Posted: September 23, 2008 in Games

X-Plane 9 graphics on iPhone didn’t look that great at first, especially when flying close (reminds in someway Playstation 1 coarse texturing – some large squares), but it is ok for farther landscapes (use mipmapping). Finally from some height it looks convincing (far more better than a Playstation 1 game, but less good than mac games like FA/18 Korea, Fly or X-Plane). The sky looks great from below, but it isn’t volumetric (only one or two pixels wide, and few details from above, so the transition is somewhat abrupt), and there isn’t really clouds (were really outstanding in Fly 1 & II games).

Camera views are stunning, they remind those found in mac X-Plane or Fly versions. We can even change the camera angle through touch, and zoom in/out using two fingers ! The control through accelerometer is perfect, the best experience on the iPhone, and there isn’t any slowdown in framerate. Sometimes when changing the day of time while on fly the controls stop responding, and the game has to be exited and relaunched (switch the time at start then). The interface and settings are well designed, all are intuitive.

We expect more maps and landscape textures to load (and perhaps higher res ones) from future updates, along with other airports and some “missions” to follow. The additional maps and textures could be downloaded from Wifi into main memory to reduce the size used on the iPhone (only 6Mb however for now, so there is space left). There is still to see if Laminar Research will sell aditionnal scenery (should then be priced one or two $ max to remain acceptable) besides required updates. For now this looks more a demo, but still amazing.

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