SquirrelFish Extreme : 4x faster than Safari 3.1

Posted: September 19, 2008 in Apple, IT/Dev

A new bench at WebKit.org presents performances of SquirrelFish Extreme, that is said to be at least two times faster than the previously announced SquirrelFish javascript engine some months ago (brougth a high performance bytecode interpreter), the later still being two times faster than Safari 3.1 javascript engine (WebKit 3.1). These enhancements come from 4 new technics : bytecode optimizations, polymorphic inline caching, a lightweight “context threaded” JIT compiler, and a new regular expression engine that uses our JIT infrastructure.
Considering the javascript engine speed will be a bit lower when integrated into the browser, Safari 4 should be at least 3 times faster than actual Safari 3.1 for javascript (still 3 times faster than Safari 3.0’s WebKit 3.0 engine for this task).


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