Spectrasonics Omnisphere released

Posted: September 17, 2008 in Audio

As expected Spectrasonics released Omnisphere yesterday, priced 499$. The description page brings new details : 40Gb of samples (includes, besides the new samples from psychoacoustic sound design, the original samples from Atmosphere, and also a best of from Spectrasonics samples libraries), 8 multitimbral parts, a new audio engine that covers all kinds of synthesis (subtractive, FM, granular, waveshaping), up to 10 oscillators per patch (can be of synth type or be samples), 6 LFOs per patch, 32 effects racks (up to 12 effects per patch).

A new video presents the software interface. A G5 or Intel mac at 2Ghz is required (also 2Gb of ram and 50Gb of disk space).

  1. Dean Madonia says:

    I really love Omnisphere. The multis are fantastic and so are the patches. I am not sure about the hierarchy yet, it’s similar but different than stylus RMX. I have blindly fooled around with some of the patches – there are so many options – granulation, FM, Ring, etc. and cool modulation capabilities…
    A printed manual would be nice – especially when you hit the $500.00 mark for a peice of software (albeit an incredible one) – that saving trees thing is bullshit – it’s saving money for them and that’s all. The manual is available in a drop-down menu and it kind of sucks – it should have been available as a PDF file so you can see all of the contents at once on the side and flip pages if you want instead of having to go back to a previous page to see content main groups and then clicking for subgroups.
    I have had so many synths over the years and I feel a strong affection for this one already, but I am really disappointed that there is not a CD Rom tutorial like there is with RMX. The advertisements claimed there would be and that was a big selling point with me. I contacted them last weekend about it and I was told that there would be online tutorials instead. I was assured that they were being posted at we spoke. Here it is Tuesday and no tutorials.

    I am looking forward to digging in and really understanding this synth, right now I am frustrated like a newlywed who has not made it to the hotel room with his beautiful wife who is wearing sweats, a parka and a ski mask!

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