Google Chrome : deceiving

Posted: September 4, 2008 in IT/Dev

Despite the buzz and success (the first day at least) around Chrome, a new browser from Google based upon Apple’s WebKit (as for Safari), we have to admit it is really deceiving : Chrome brings a brand new optimized Javascript engine, but Apple will unveil the same in the upcoming Safari 4 (it won’t be a beta… and Apple still has years of experience of web browser development now), Chrome features set is very limited (no exlcusive one, all are available in other browsers, and Chrome bookmarks management is very poor), the user interface is minimalist and not elegant nor innovating as expected with Google (their weakest point compared with Apple). Finally the per tab process management (and process viewer tool) and better use of memory can’t be presented as revolutionnary features : a good browser (well multithreaded and with good memory management) is possible, and in that area Safari always did better than Firefox.
About Chrome integration with Google Gears, the competitors have to respond, but Apple has best chances to provide great accessibility features (access to system components that are normally hidden from browsers, for security concerns) through QuickTimeX (see also the 280 slides demo, that doesn’t require disk access to save documents).

Today we learn that the initial Chrome end user licence (EULA) had to be fixed because it allowed Google to use all content published through their browser ! Moreover Chrome is plagged with huge security holes, due to the fact that it uses a deprecated version of Apple’s Webkit.


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