Windows Seven multitouch support

Posted: September 3, 2008 in IT/Dev

While Microsoft opened a blog on the progress of Windows Seven (expected for 2010…that is at least one year later Snow Leopard – Apple still provides multitouch support in the current version of Leopard and will easily extend its areas of use at the right time), we learn that it will include support for multitouch (not a huge secret, if we consider the recent demos of their Surface prototype), but due to the limited event management architecture of the MFC (wired handlers, no dynamic binding like with Cocoa and Interface Builder) these new event management APIs will have to be integrated in the new presentation framework (WPF) instead, that also has some shortness as we can read here.

For having developped since 1996 with the MFC – in second year of college curse /IUT- (and also having read the book Windows Programming with MFC from Jeff Prosise at that time, 1000 pages), I know this architecture was still 10 years behind NeXT technologies at that time ! Later (1999, engineer curse – E3i) I read a book upon NeXT programming, and went deeper into Objective-C and WebObjects shortly thereafter (internship at SQLi, that tested and praised WO). That is however only after years of experience in object oriented programming and Java/J2EE architecture (design patterns, etc.) – more than 8 years now – that I really understood all of the beauty behind Cocoa (NeXT enhanced Foundation Kit and App Kit, modernized Interface Buidler).


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