Java SE 1.6 for Leopard

Posted: September 3, 2008 in Apple, IT/Dev

Apple provides at download the JDK 1.6 for Leopard, Java SE6. It is 1.6.0_05 version, not the last available from Sun (1.6.0_06, but it only brings minor fixes). This JVM however requires a 64 bits mac (Core2 Duo, but not Core Duo nor PowerPC).

It brings a new javax.script package to access to AppleScript, new APIs in package : get and set the application icon in the Dock (and add badge labels – for example a state or prpgress indicator), definition of the application Dock menu, access to Apple help system. A new API in allows to retreive the application execution package, and a new property (apple.awt.documentModalSheet) on JRootPane from JDialogs displays model Sheet dialogs. The screen scale factor can also be retrieved, etc.
This is without counting the native and transparent multiprocessing management in the Apple JVM, native Aqua interface, and upcoming support for resolution independance (the frameworks are still here).


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