iPhone3G volume control : bug ?

Posted: September 3, 2008 in Apple, Troubleshooting

At certain time, the iPhone3G virtual volume slider (in iPod mode) stops working (does not respond anymore to touch) when at full right (max volume). Then it can’t scroll back to left… it works again after many try (using the physical volume button to lower it a bit helps). Sometimes we have to just tap a bit below the slider axis, but other times it doesn’t help. So the touch management software for the volume control seems to work a bit randomly, as if it felt to sleep after some idle time. The problem doesn’t occur at the left end.
In other modes (virtual keyboard, grid icons) the lower right area seems working well, so it should be a software bug only, or it might be a feature that prevents unwanted volume change (such as an automatic hold mode), but then why only at the right end ? (this setting is only used with high impedance headphones, like the AKG 240M – 600 Ohms).

Hopefully, thanks to this tip we can drag the virtual volume slider from another part of the touchscreen.

UPDATE : after having tried the tip I discovered that you just have to move the finger a bit above the slider cursor (after the initial pressure) before moving it back to left (as a curve path to unlock it). Then it works all the time, so perhaps it is intended to work that way. However the problem doesn’t appear in the upper right nor on the left side.


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