iPhone SDK installed in root folder / PPC : the fix

Posted: September 3, 2008 in Apple, IT/Dev, Troubleshooting

The solution presented here to install the iPhone SDK on PPC leads to misplaced files : most of folders are created on the root partition folder instead of inside the /Developer folder (that indeed doesn’t contains much files). Moreover uninstall files scripts are copied into /Library instead of /Developer/Library, so that uninstall scripts don’t work (added application and utility files have to be deleted manually – unix binaries can be left as is, as they will be replaced by further installation). We can look at installed files places through the packages structure opened in Pacifist.

In fact the fix can be found in the comments :
1. Make the iPhone SDK.dmg read/write-able with Disk Utility using convert -> to read/write.
2. Mount the R/W dmg.
3. You need to delete some unneccessary file so that you can modify the installer config file, because the image is completely full. I choose the PDF in the root of the dmg.
4. Modify /Volumes/iPhone SDK/iPhone SDK.mpkg/Contents/iPhoneSDK.dist : – Line 71 ( in function agreedToSLA() ) – modify “return false;” to “return true;” – Line 81 ( in function SDKPresent() ) – modify “return false;” to “return true;”
That’s it. Now you can double-click the iPhone SDK package and install as usual. The Aspen SDK will show up and get installed.
Besides, the beta 2 (1,3Gb from 2,1 Gb in the first beta) weights 1,3 Gb less than beta 1 when installed. Moreover the installation procedure detailed here is very fast (less than 30mn compared with close to 90mn with Pacifist).

  1. mlars says:

    didnt work for me. 😦

  2. JP says:

    One additional thing needs to be changed in the file iPhoneSDK.dist. Search for ‘1234’ and replace it with ‘4321’. If you don’t, the iPhone SDK install option is grayed out.

  3. Since iPhone SDK 2.2, the “isIntel” function in the .dist file has also to be edited (return true instead of false), if not the iPhone SDK package won’t be selectable (greyed) when launching the installer. The full Install (alongwith OSX dev tools) is about 5 Gb (it says 4,2Gb for dev tools and 22Mb for iPhone SDK, but it installs much more for iPhone).
    When installer completes, we have to follow instructions here to ensure that the compiler uses PPC big endian (little endian on Intel) :
    (just follow steps 6 and 7)
    The iPhone simulator now works perfectly on a G4 (blank OpenGL ES application test).

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