Freebox v4 compliance test / wifi card

Posted: September 3, 2008 in Troubleshooting

As it becomes more problematic since owning the iPhone not being able to make the Wifi work with the Freebox v4 (fitted with the Free WPCB-115G Wifi PCMCIA card), I made new search as some users also faced this problem (their Wifi card also worked on another Freebox, but not theirs).

On that site we can look up at a compatibility table between Wifi cards (among those Free cards) and the various Freebox versions. We can identify the freebox version through this table, comparing the freebox MAC adresse value with those listed (are of type 00:07:CB:xx:yy:zz).

Then I launched OSX Network utility, and under tab Netstat I displayed routing table informations. In the Gateway column I found an adresse starting with 0:7:cb:f:yy:zz. Then I have only one hexa number, f, so it is the xx part start, and the end part is empty. It corresponds to 15 value, so my freebox version is v4B (also printed on the back – ADSL04 -, so base V4, but this information isn’t as reliable). The V4B version is listed as incompatible with my Free WPCB-115G wifi card (this is a 802.11g card – 54Mbps -, only compatible with V4C and V4R, because V4 and V4B have slower PCMCIA interface, 16 bits) !


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