Roland added new samples collections for FA synths at axial site. The EXP04 Concert Piano Collection brings samples from SRX02 card, EXP05 Electric piano collection contains samples from SRX12, and EXP06 Studio collection includes those from SRX03.

EXP-03 World Collection

Posted: April 26, 2014 in Audio
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Roland added EXP-03 World Collection for FA-08/06 at axial. It provides sounds from SRX-09 (406 Tones, 16 Drum Kits, and 629 Waveforms).

The next collection may be Orchestra Collection (SRX-06). As supernatural sounds are based on sampled derived from other SRX cards (the ones that were released for XV – not SRJV collections -, SRX04 Super Strings, SRX10 Complete Piano, SRX11 Brass, SRX12 Electric Piano), these  may not be provided (new VDrums derived samples sound better than SRX01).  Some SRX03 Studio samples could however be added.

Linear D2 samples library update adds new sounds (4x larger size) and a new demo (mp4 format, also ogg version).

These long looped Kontakt instruments were sampled from Roland D-20’s custom patches, based on its unique  resonant filter (finer grain than D-50’s one, that can’t reproduce these).

Roland released the second wave expansion for FA-06 and FA-08. It includes 629 waveforms from SRX Ultimate Keys (that however provided 800 ones).

Bioshock Infinite Burial at Sea Episode 2 is available. First reviews report an impressive level design, twice as much playing time, a strong connection with original Bioshock (with many explanations), while this time playing as Elisabeth in a stealth way.

First expansion for Roland FA-80/FA-06 is available through Axial site. As expected it brings waveforms from SRX cards (829 waveforms from SRX-08 – did include 950 ones).

As an enhanced version of Real Myst was released by Cyan, we may wonder whether a Real Riven will be available.

In fact five years ago a fan team started a 3D port of Riven, The Starry Expanse Project, and provided a tech demo two years ago (Prison Island, 600 MB) for Mac and PC. Some videos are available from youtube (also here and there), and the team received agreement/support from Cyan.

Initially Uru engine was used (importing models created with blender), then, as it wasn’t supported and was aging the team switched to Blender Game Engine, however it wasn’t convincing. Free Unity 3 engine was then used until recently (paid Unity 4 engine update and limited for large/detailed areas), and the team finally switched to Unreal Development Kit (free with licensing restictions). Also it is the engine Cyan is using for their upcoming Obduction, and they recommended it to the project’s team.

More information on the game development is available here.